Alkalinity and Pineal Gland

The Third Eye chakra is the seat of the soul where mind and body meet. It is considered the Psychic Chakra and is closely associated with the Pineal Gland. An awakened 3rd eye chakra leads to psychic awareness. If the pineal gland is dormant or calcified then third eye is inactive, hence no psychic awareness

There are foods that help awaken your pineal gland and help with your spiritual growth or foods that are detrimental. 

Your body’s ph which is the alkaline – acidic balance, influences your well being as well as has effect on your pineal gland. Foods that are more acidic contribute to calcification of pineal gland. Foods that are more alkaline help to decalcify the pineal gland and open psychic awareness. In general grains and animal products are acid forming and fruits and vegetables are alkali forming. Good, fresh, organic food boosts the immune system and it creates alkalinity or maintains the body natural ph level. Junk food is acidic!!! That causes to slow down the spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Greens, cucumber, avocado are very alkaline forming. If you want to make your pineal gland happy start eating these foods. Do your own research and google acidic vs alkaline foods. There are foods that are fresh and might have the ph acidic but that doesn’t mean that they are the bad type of acid. For example lemon might be acidic but inside the body it is extremely alkaline – the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.
USE your common sense (intuition). Eat what feels good and truly natural. Do not eat what is GMO, have way too many ingredients or chemicals in it. Eliminate anything that is in a “box” or can. Of course this will not happen overnight, but if you want to increase psychic abilities you might want to switch to a more alkaline diet. Not only food is categorized in these two types: acid forming and alkaline forming, but also water/drinks.

CHANGE YOUR WATER. Buy a "ELECTROLYZED REDUCED WATER" machine. Avoid bottle water. Most of the bottle water has fluoride in it and fluoride is the main culprit well known to calcify the pineal gland. Avoid fluoride in toothpaste.
Even thinking can influence your ph. Thinking that is negative, emotional stress, toxic overload lead to acidity in the body while thoughts that are positive create alkalinity in the body. Recite, work with your affirmations and stay in high vibrations as much as you can.
Check out the 68 seconds technique – a very helpful way to shift your mood immediately.

Benefits of a more alkaline diet:
Intuition increases
Remembering dreams, more vivid dreams, more pleasant dreams
Psychic skills increase
Positive thoughts
Increase overall well being
More spiritual awareness and understanding

jilly hight