Decalcifying The Pineal Gland: Why It Matters For Your Health and Wellbeing 

It is completely understandable if you read the phrase, “decalcifying the pineal gland” and feel an immediate impulse to yawn or click back to a subject that is less dense. If you did so, however, you would neglect an easy opportunity to improve your overall health and well-being. While only a minuscule pine cone-shaped gland in the middle of the brain, the pineal gland, also known as the pineal eye, is considered to be a symbol of great import by both western doctors and eastern mystics alike. You may have heard the gland associated with eastern religion and mysticism since it is often referred to as the mind's "third eye,” the center point of a person’s chakra. In Hindu, it is said to be located directly in the middle of the god Shiva’s forehead and the repository of his essence, power, and wisdom. Appropriately enough, the pineal eye sits at the same exact level as your eyes. Aside from the more spiritual aspects, the pineal gland plays a vital function in the regulation of various bodily functions including reproductive functions, the immune system, growth, blood pressure, body temperature, moods, sleep cycles, and tumor growth. As calcification builds upon the gland, the pineal gland's utility is severely hampered, and the body does not function as smoothly as possible. Below, we will discuss the pineal gland’s regulatory roles in the body, the dangers of calcification of the gland, and present a simple way to fight off calcification that begins with a careful look at the water you consume.  

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland’s main function is as a light processor, whereby it receives light information via the eyes and then responds by directing hormone signals throughout the body. Designed as the body’s natural clock, the pineal gland plays a vital role in regulating a human’s sleep cycle. Our circadian rhythm and natural sleep cycle are affected by this transmission of light information and day length by the pineal eye. This natural light meter lets the body know the season, whether the days are growing shorter or longer, and whether it is dark or light outside. It produces melatonin, which in turn regulates the quality and duration of sleep. This further affects hormone and stress levels as well as the body’s ability to perform at peak levels.

How Calcification Occurs

While calcification is naturally occurring in the body the more time passes, one of the most common causes of calcium build ups can be caused by the water you drink every day. Fluoride, while not as directly dangerous to health as once thought, accumulates and forms phosphate crystals on the pineal. These crystals create a hard-calcified shell around the gland that hampers its utility. 

When calcification of the Pineal Gland occurs, melatonin production is lowered, sleep cycles are impaired and natural regulation of the circadian rhythm is disrupted. All of these factors can have a tremendous negative impact on a person's health, awareness, happiness and mental well-being. Because of this, it behooves you to do everything in your power to understand how calcification occurs and what you can do to combat it. While there are a variety of methods to decalcify the Pineal eye, none is as important and easy to fix as changing the type of water your regularly consume. 

Electrolyzed Reduced Water

Many do not consider the effect that drinking water can have on their health, especially when it comes to fighting calcification. Drinking electrolyzed reduced water, also known as alkalinized water, is one of the best ways to combat calcification buildup. Alkaline water is different than that which comes from your tap since it has a pH level above seven, meaning it is less acidic and has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions. PH represents the concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid, and that in turn is expressed on a scale of 0-14. Anything beneath seven such as vinegar, coffee, and orange is acidic, seven is neutral, and any number above seven (like baking soda) is moving into the alkaline zone.

When your body is higher in acidic concentration, it is more likely to cultivate diseases or cancers and does a poorer job repairing and regulating itself. By alkalizing your water, you remove natural calcium and fluoride from your regular diet and naturally over time replace your body's water content with heavy pH concentrate. Alkaline water can be had via faucet attachments, bottled water, pH additives and special filters. 

Benefits of decalcification of Pineal Gland

There are numerous health benefits associated with carrying a higher pH content and thus decalcifying the Pineal Gland. 

  • Sleep Cycle Naturalized – When you decalcify the Pineal Gland, you bring your body back into harmony with its natural circadian rhythm. A return to a functioning biological clock and healthy sleep cycles does wonders for your energy levels, alertness, moods, and bolsters the immune system, increasing your body's ability to ward off sickness or disease.    
  • More Vivid and Lucid Dreams – As your sleep cycles become regular/stronger and your melatonin output increases, you will experience deeper sleep, which leads to more vivid dreams. Some have even reported higher frequency of lucid dreams as a result of decalcification.
  • Imagination and Creativity Boosts – Many believe the third eye connects the brain with the spiritual soul. When your hormones and sleep cycles return to normalcy, there are immediate impacts on your creativity, imagination and work productivity. You will feel yourself unburdened, awake and aware as if your retention and vision have been supercharged.   
  • Hormonal Balance – As you likely are all too aware, when your body's hormones are out of whack, you're psyche, and ability to perform at high levels is severely diminished. It is akin to filling a Lamborghini with regular fuel when it really needs super unleaded to unlock its full potential. The body works precisely in the same way, so it behooves you to do everything in your power to make sure your body is in proper alignment. That starts with decalcification.


It is incredible to think that such a small part of your body can have such a noticeable impact on your health and performance. Fortunately for you, there are easy steps to take to fight calcification and aid your body during the never-ending aging process. As time inevitably ticks on, there are simple things you can do, such as drinking electrolyzed reduced water, that can help your body function at higher levels and for a longer time. While only a brief foray into this subject matter, stay tuned as we further delve into the personal benefits of healthy living and regularly drinking alkalized water. 

jilly hight