The Secret To Life: Water

Ok so I’ve been channeling some things that I would like to share. I found the secret behind the Kangen water.

It's all about the blood. Ok so basically... every single month when the moon is in our sign we secrete this oil from our sacral Chakra to our pineal gland. It's called "sacred secretion". Every person does this for 2-3 days every 30 days. During this time it's crucial for you to eat and drink alkaline diet, no alcohol and no sex. If you can do this, your body will literally create new blood.

You see... they've been controlling us through our blood. Our blood is 90% water. So when people started to drink Kangen they started to detox their blood of being controlled. Basically what happens when your blood is poisoned, you become temperamental. This temperament is all about you. Imagine every person is a thermostat. When your temperament is too hot you start to create dark blood. Murky and evil. ( read my blog post Water Blood In The Bible) When your are healthy, your blood is healthy. So when this "sacred secretion " starts happening for you, it's crucial you take that time to go inward and meditate. When this happens you create new blood and in that new blood is where the knowledge of life and the universe is found. They call it the holy grail. But in reality the holy grail is literally just you creating new blood this way. This is also the arc of the covenant. People have been looking for this secret way to live for centuries. I'm talking da Vinci shit... and I fuckn figured it out because they were all missing one thing... THE WATER

I really wanted to share this with my readers because I feel the world is ready. This is some heavy information but I am putting together a course to teach people how to do this. Kangen water detoxes our blood and it guards us from the chem trails, flourish and other chemicals they are trying to hurt us with. The water creates a sort of bubble of security around you. It has everything to do with frequency and not the chemicals. When your frequency is high, nothing can latch onto you. Like stds and other things.... sex transmutation, sexual healing, sacred sex, tantra all has everything to do with this too.

jilly hight