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Wake Philanthropy

It's important for us to give back in a way that's real.

We’re passionate in giving back in a way that we can feel, and that we can see. Which is why were in intentional about creating intentional alliances with people, businesses, and organizations who are in alignment with our values of regenerating the body, regenerating our relationships, regenerating our water, and regenerating our land.

Our most recent and notable alliance as of December 2022 is our cooperation with the Red Earth Movement, which is a private local native community in Vista California that is building a future through health, wellness, and education based in the cultivation of fertile soil.

In December of 2022 we broke ground in Vista California with the Red Earth Movement in the creation of a space for belonging on private land. We got our hands dirty, and built an outdoor kitchen with a red earth oven, whilst learning the indigenous practices and wisdom behind it. This was the beginning of what will be many projects with Red Earth Movement on this sacred land that generations after us will be able to inherit.

If you are a member of the Wake Water Co community, you will naturally have access to our workshops and other philanthropic events which will give you an opportunity to involve yourself with the Earth, the land, the water, and with yourself in unique ways. We are all about community and connection and this is at the core of everything we do. The best has yet to come and this is just the beginning!

If you are an organization and are interested in collaborating with us, DM support@wakewaterco.com and let’s see if there is value alignment! 

(And, see the video below of our intro workshop with the Red Earth Movement).