When you are going through the EARTH element, you are learning how to really establish your foundation, ground yourself, and lets your ROOTS run deep. This aspect of grounding is key! Unlocking the duplication side within you, and tapping into your connection with all things. By now you will have established a solid leadership presence, your team is growing and blooming and you are both the roots AND the branches.

Upon completing your EARTH Elemental, you will have a more basic understanding of communication, inviting, and asking for help during your phases of growth within the WAKE. Starting with creating a compelling story, where you used to be, where you are NOW, and where you are headed! Then continuing to ask questions not only about others but with yourself! Digging to the core, your essence, the real you, and sometimes questions helps us navigate those waters. After asking questions and building connections we can then “invite” them to check out a demo, watch a webinar, or try the water. Tapping into the Song of the Siren, hearing the call, people will begin to remember that this is exactly what they have been looking for. To conclude your AIR ascension process, always remember the WAKE, your team, your upline, your community is here for HELP!

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