The beginning of our journey, starts here! Congratulations on your abundance and in your decision to join the WAKE movement! You now have you Kangen Water machine, and your ID # and you are ready to share your love with the world. There will be alot of ups and downs and learning experiences as you begin to speak your truth and share from your heart. BELOW will be a series of videos, text and PDF’s to help navigate the waters in the beginning phases.



After completion of the FIRE initiation, we know that you feel more grounded, safe and secure, as your ROOT chakra begins to clear more and more. Your inner foundation is stronger than before, and your establishing yourself for the future ahead of you. The limiting beliefs were seen, the red light stories turned green, the doubt in the mind faded, and FEAR transmutes into LOVE. This is the toughest stage of your WAKE but its the best stage for your personal growth. YOU are your business, YOU are the product, YOU are WATER! No longer afraid of the Fire, the uncertainty, the scarcity and lack.

These lower vibrational frequencies that we are focusing on transmuting will be a continual work in progress and we want to remind you to EMBRACE it all! Its uncomfortable, its different, it may not be what you are and your higher self is used to, and thats where change happens. As we continue to WELCOME these blocks we can continue to transmute these blocks into breakthroughs. As these breakthroughs occur more and more you will notice drastic shifts in your life that may have always been there, but now you are able to SEA!