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Join us on the conscious entrepreneur path, and build an additional income stream in the process. 



Eternal Living Water

The Water Path of embodying Living Water is different for everyone in the Wake family. So many of us have each had our own unique experiences. So within each fractal of experience we all choose to share the power of Living Water and the abundance that it reigns. 

We are Eternal Abundance

In the Wake, it’s all about liquidating your ass-ets, creating systems for better efficient and organic flow.  We feel that we are abundance and as we tap into our own Well of Wellth, we create businesses, partnerships, and community through this knowing that success is so much more than just money.  

We choose Family


A safe space for Wakers to grow and ripple Water Consciousness across the globe and generate unlimited abundance.

We’ve created a community of conscious entrepreneurs who are committed to not only changing the lives of people all over the world through Living Water, and to working together to build conscious businesses that support their highest embodimentLifestyles that allow others to give back in many ways to their family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, local communities and around the world.

This is an opportunity to flow into your place in our community and grow with us. 

The Wake movement is more than just “training” or “sales”… We hold space for growth  and help bring out your innate gifts within. We call it “insourcing” so that you feel empowered and supported as you step into your full potential, ground in regenerative ways to help the Earth, and grow your abundance without limits.

Picture yourself embodying a life where you…

  • Can work from anywhere

    Whether that’s in your home office, an RV, a lakefront cabin, or on the beach, with your toes in the sand

  • Are fully in control of your own schedule

    And can wake up without alarm clocks

  • Independent

    Have no one to answer to but yourself

  • Less worries

    No longer have to worry about annoying coworkers or nightmare clients because you only work with people you’re 100% aligned with

  • Flow

    Have a genuine flow of money that allows you to do things you once only dreamed of

  • Financial Vision

    Finally believe that your long-term financial vision is within your reach — and that it’s not about IF it will happen, but WHEN

When you join the Wake Co community, all this is possible… and more!

Wake Water Co may be for you if you want to:

  • Build bonds of trust with your network

  • Redirect the Current of your Currency

  • Take active steps toward Self-Sovereignty

  • Help restore the Free Energy economy

When you join Wake Water Co, you’ll get…

1:1 Mentorship

Daily WAKE up calls at 12PM PST

Monday Team trainings at 5:30PM PST

The WAKE Program created by 6 figure earners

Access to WAKE events including private retreats

Team building masterminds gatherings

Water ceremony events

Telegram group chat!

Questions people asked before going all-in with Wake Water Co

Want to learn more about our phamily?

What’s the investment?

We have a variety of options for how to join, so you can pick the one that best meets your needs. Click here to learn more about the investment options.

Once you say “yes” to yourself, you will have access to all of our WAKE resources, calls, training, retreats and more.

Ready to become a WAKER?

This Wake Community has impacted me on so many levels. As someone who has always been drawn to water, wanting to help the planet, and connect with other like-minded souls, I found the Wake Movement. Being in this community has been an beautiful intiation into embracing myself as a leader, as someone who embodies the water and the ebbs and flows of life. It has also given me a chance to share my other gifts as well with being a Conscious Content Video Creator. The Wake business is a sacred economy that I am so grateful to be a apart of. Not only am helping others by spreading the truth of Living Water and giving others an opportunity to improve their health on an impactful level, I am also receiving abundance in return for the right reasons. It truly is the eternal gift that keeps on giving. Every passing passing minute is a chance to change it all around. It is a choice. I chose this beautiful community. I chose the Water Path as it chose me in return. Immense gratitude.🙏🏾


I didn’t fully understand what I was investing in, It felt right, it felt so aligned and I just went for it, without looking for any validation by anyone else. I have to take time to myself sometimes because I forget how much I’ve grown and learned and can fully see how people can come together and inspire others and grow a business from a space of integrity. I had no financial background and no business experience and I feel I know more about the financial system and how to show up for others consciously then people learn in university or college. I’ve been able to see others create new partnerships and movements from being in this community and the vision that these beautiful souls are wanting to do. I get excited for future collaborations with other wakers and shift the way we do business! We are encouraged to build our own movements within this movement which is rare, and are encouraged to support one another in not just the water but all aspects of ourselves. It’s a special community and even days I forget or distance myself I’m always easily pulled back in. Much love


The Wake business & community has impacted my life so deeply the past year...

💧I have found my why & my mission here bringing hydration to humanity

💧I went from feeling a slave in the 9-5 job mentality to now being a business owner & taking full ownership over the work I do in the world

💧I have found a family & community of other sacred water beings who are on the same path of bringing living water, abundance, freedom, & love to the planet

💧This business & community has been the answer to prayers I have been praying for years & has truly brought so much value, connection, & love into my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined

🤍I am so grateful for this movement, water, & business 🙏🏼


This community and business has given me a hydrated community of loving individuals to come to as support. It’s your own business but you don’t have to do it some. There’s so much support. It’s giving me time freedom. A way to become free and sovereign from the system. A way to embody my inner healer and help others do so. Working 9-5s never felt aligned for me and I yearned for something that was aligned with my journey. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and learn how to be my own boss along with integrating spirituality and a way to bring others towards their own healing. The community is a huge bonus and I’m excited to see where this flows and how the water feels once I get my machine and see where my water journey flows:)


When I joined Wake Water Co, I genuinely didn’t know what to expect. I dove into the unknown and was surprised to align with the current of love that streams from this community. It wasn’t easy to open up to this Flood of Love but it was only a matter of time as I felt so safe within this beautiful movement 🌊🌈

When my mother healed from kidney stones within the first couple of months of drinking this water, that’s when I knew I had to take this business seriously and share this incredible water with others! Being a full time student in college, in about a year and half, I have changed over 40+ lives with Kangen Water! I’m so humbled to be of service and support others on changing their life with water 💧✨


It’s completely shifted my life. Instead of playing a victim to my reality I am taking responsibility. It’s taught me how to truly be a business owner and how to be self sufficient. I have learned how to manage and handle a six figure income business in excess of $50,000 per month. It has brought in one of the most important aspects that I was always looking for outside of myself and that is LOVE and with this love it has brought to me it has brought me so many other people that are on this same frequency that I can share love with and empower them with love and remind them of that power that they hold within themselves.  It’s brought in bonds that I know I will have for life