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8 Years Ago....

Our founder Jilly started on her Water Path, after she healed herself from ovarian cysts, depression, ADHD, anemia and more with Living Water. She doesn’t claim this Water healed her, she shares how her body healed and started regenerating itself. 

After finding out about the science of Living Water, she started her Water Business and immersed herself in self development and success seminars. She found herself swimming upstream and struggled to flow with the mainstream. She dove into all Water sciences and travelled to different parts of the world, testing and studying Water. After her trip to Okinawa, Japan she started to feel a deeper connection with Living Water and travelled to Central America where her Water Awakening took place.

Communing with the waters in Bocas Del Oro, Panama after getting her PADI diving certification, she came back to the states and ignited her Entrepreneurial journey again. This time, she was committed to allowing Source to create the course. After going to multiple sales and marketing training sessions, she started noticing the programming and how everything seemed to be backwards and dehydrated. Focused on manipulation and persuasion. As she explored this alternate way of doing business, she found that everything came back to Water. 

The very foundation of business is bonds

 We call them, hydrogen bonds. It’s about building community and empowering others to rise as one tide and be leaders together. It took many years to shift this focus and to trust her own integrity. Doing business this way, in a world that is reversed was challenging at times. She would receive waves of projections, rejections, and be called a “scammer”, and all throughout she persevered. She often says, “I don’t always know why I’m doing something. I trust and know my integrity.”. This was the very fluid foundation that was birthed was letting go of certainty. Be like Water. 

As she continued to embody the Water Path, she started to sea Living Water in everything she did. The way Water moves, interdependently, the way Water floods and overflows our cups, the way water accesses memory. All of this started to come online and others were also seaing it.

As Wake Water CO the brand birthed in 2016

Everything started coming together. Her fellow Wakers, Victoria Myers, Chris O’Brien, Zach Myers, and Lyla Bennett  were the first to sea the vision of this movement. After 10 years of friendship, 4 years of business partnership, Chris and Jilly started their relationship. They built the foundations of this movement with integrity and curiosity as we like to say “Source creates the course”. Holding the vision and trusting the process. At times they didn’t know what they were doing, they all had their own story and journey with Living Water and how it helped them in their life. This trickled into business, networking, relationship building, community and eventually the Movement.

The values that WWC began to duplicate with others focuses on the inner foundations. Chris and Jilly noticed how much attention is put on the outside world, when in turn their focus was more so inward. We call this the “Water Lense”. Through awareness and education, inviting others to tap into their own inner Well and allowing others to connect their own dots and leaving drops for others to choose.  No one is the guru, the Water Path is an inner journey to discover the Source within you. This method began empowering the lives of many. Now Wake Leaders, such as Kira Rodriguez, Kevin work, Jennifer Keddy, Lauren Nowell, Patrick Bogusz, Selina Pacella have embraced, embodied and share their truths with their communities and teams. 

Another huge piece WWC embodies is the appreciation of what Water truly is. The business that comes with this movement from a company called Enagic is so amazing, for some it can even be too good to be true. There are many out there sharing Kangen and are business driven

and sometimes solely income driven without much attention, innerstanding and appreciation for Water itself. The Wake can be what you make it and that became a critical piece for others to build from. Building your business through Water, through the opportunity, the income and abundance, and even the community.

Sovereignty and free will, while building your own home based business were words not always put forth together. As Jilly began unfolding more and more with water, consciousness, memory, structure, phases and how water plays a role in everyday life…we began to notice that “words” played a role in all the above. What was once a simple product, and business has now birthed to even more. A fractal of knowledge and all translated in the words we speak and pictures we paint with our words.

The WAKE started to become and now in this moment is becoming even more than what we envisioned. In over 10+ states in the USA and 12+ countries world wide this movement is becoming more and more about shifts in people’s lives. New timelines and chapters being written, old patterns and thoughts being released and cleared. A new stream of vocabulary that empowers each WAKER to take their power back again and sea their own wholeness. The self development, ideas, breakthroughs and the breakdowns that are initiations have all become key pieces in the overall movement.

We are all about pHamily first. Our North Star