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Starting Your Business

Our Wake Kajabi is an exclusive portal built for those who are ready to go all-in on their business. This is where you will access an abundance of resources, tools, trainings, tips, insights, and so much more… And, it’s FREE.


One of the best ways to support your business is to leverage our Telegram and to stay close to the fire.

WAKE Announcement Channel: https://t.me/+ertywYbKxTs2NjQx

(The Wake Announcement Channel is a quick and easy place where you can see important updates, and access pertinent information.)

WAKE Main Telegram Group:  WAKE Water Co Chat

(The Main Wake Water Co Chat is for Wellcoming people, bearthdays, and rank ups! We keep it super simple and all your questions can be asked in the Wake Coaching Chat)

WAKE Water Coaching Chat: WAKE Water Coaching Chat

(The Wake Water Coaching Chat is for deeper conversations about your water business, sharing insights, asking questions related to the Wake, etc.)

WAKE Testimonials Chat: WAKE Testimonial Chat

(The Wake Testimonials Chat is a great place to see all of the testimonials from our community about the water. Utilize the search bar in that chat to find testimonials on any dis-ease or anything that has been cured with the support of water.)

WAKE Parent Chat: WAKE Parent Group

(This is for our parents of the Wake! It’s a place for supporting each other and sharing our insights and lenses.)

WAKE Spanish Speakers Chat: Spanish Chat

(This chat is for our Spanish speakers of the Wake!)

WAKE Men’s Group: WAKE Men’s Group

(The brothers of our Wake meet every Tuesday at 4pm PST. If you are a man, join this group and see what our brotherhood is about!)

Women of the Wake: Women of the Wake Chat

(This chat is for the women of the Wake. Join this chat to see what the sisterhood is all about and to get on the calls!)

WAKE Machine Questions Chat: WAKE Machine Questions Chat

(This chat is for machine related questions. It’s a very helpful tool and resource whether you are new or experienced.)