You will be receiving an email from ENAGIC with your distributor ID# (this is the # you will use when referring others) and your machine will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. Go to enagic.com and ask the CHAT system if you have questions about shipping and to get your tracking #. 

Go to Enagic.com and click “Login”. Create your EWS login info. (No need to pay for any memberships, we will show you what to do here later)


You will also want to access your Sales Portal this is where you are able to sea your monthly sales reports, as well as the genealogy of the water web you are creating within your own team.

You should have received an email from enagic with instructions on how to get into this as well.

We communicate the best over our Telegram App! Download the app, this is how we keep in contact and communication with each other.

WAKE Water Co Telegram Group 

(The Main Wake Water Co Chat is for Wellcoming people, bearthdays, and rank ups! We keep it super simple and all your questions can be asked in the Wake Coaching Chat)

WAKE Water Coaching Chat

WAKE Testimonial Chat

WAKE Parent Group

Spanish Chat

WAKE Men’s Group

Women of the Wake Chat

WAKE Machine Questions Chat


Instagram: Follow @wakewaterco and message them from your IG account so we can connect with and keep track of our team!

Wake Water Co Facebook Link

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Race To Freedom Software Link

How To Process An Order With Enagic’s New Online Shop (USA ONLY)

Order Process For Anyone Outside The USA Selling to USA

This is the BACKBONE of your business. This is your master email list that you will be using to STRUCTURE and organize yourself. Put everyone in your network on this list!

Click File and make a copy of this LIST!