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Wake Events


90 Day Reign

Join the Wake Community for 90 days and gain access to our premium trainings on business, social media omnipresence, brand building, leadership, network marketing, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and much more.

Whether you’re already in the network marketing space, on the verge of joining it, or you’re simply interested in these topics in general and how we do things at the Wake… this is a great opportunity for those who are curious about our hydrated lens on how to thrive in your business through commitment, integrity, accountability, and consciousness. 

Each Monday for 90 days you will get access to our Remembership training which will be hosted by our top leaders, and 6-7 figure earners in our community.

This experience will begin on January 2nd, 2023 and you’ll have options afterwards to continue with us once we end on March 27th, 2023!


Wake Workout Series

Join the Wake Community for 7 weeks in a special Wake Workout Series and community contest in which we are giving away a TON of prizes!

Every week someone will receive a prize based on how often they show up for the daily workout between Monday and Thursday. It’s a super powerful opportunity to give yourself the gift of health, community connection, and potential prizes.

This experience will be led by our Waker, Jordan Kelly. We start on November 14th!